Through our eLearning portal, ClickDimensions Academy, ClickDimensions offers several different certification courses for users to attend. Although we do recommend that users complete as many courses as possible to ensure they have a solid understanding of the platform, we know that users don’t always have the time or need to do so. To help streamline the certification process for those users, this article discusses certification basics, the type of material covered in each available certification course and which courses we recommend for different types of users.

Why should I get certified?

The ClickDimensions Certified status signifies a superior level of knowledge and hands-on experience with deploying, configuring and using ClickDimensions, the leading marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Attaining a ClickDimensions certification also gives you the following benefits:

  1. Use of the ClickDimensions Certified logo. As a ClickDimensions Certified professional, you have earned the right to include this certification in your list of professional accomplishments, and to use the ClickDimensions Certified logo in your email signature, blog or other communications, should you decide to do so.
  2. Advance notice of new releases, product updates and insider news. We plan on sharing occasional news about developments with the ClickDimensions solution with our certified community.
  3. Access to special events. ClickDimensions frequently hosts in-person events and parties at CRMUG Summit, eXtreme365, Microsoft Inspire and other industry events, and will, when possible, extend an invitation to our community of certified professionals.
  4. We would also like to invite you to our members-only LinkedIn Group, ClickDimensions Certified Pros. This is a great place to connect with other ClickDimensions Certified users and partners and to share your experiences and questions.
  5. The chance to be featured on our blog! We feature our newly certified ClickDimensions professionals quarterly. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to other ClickDimensions users and to get a bit of publicity for yourself and your company.

What certifications are available?

The following certifications are currently offered in the ClickDimensions Academy:

Course Description
Available to Customers and Partners
ClickDimensions Fundamentals Certification The Fundamentals Certification covers basic functionality, such as creating and sending emails, web tracking and web content records such as forms and surveys.
ClickDimensions Advanced Certification The Advanced Certification includes a deep dive of email deliverability and as well as features such as campaign automation, which requires knowledge of other ClickDimensions features to use effectively.
ClickDimensions Admin Certification The Admin Certification provides an overview of the ClickDimensions solution and covers installation, set up and troubleshooting.
Available to Partners Only
Onboarding Certification for Partners The Onboarding Certification ensures partners understand the fundamentals of the ClickDimensions Onboarding Process, so they can onboard their customers successfully.
Support Certification for Partners The Support Certification ensures partners understand the foundations of ClickDimensions Support, so they can provide it to their customers.
Product Consulting Certification for Partners The Product Consulting Certification covers building and executing marketing functionalities in the ClickDimensions solution for partners who want to offer marketing execution consulting and prescriptive consulting services to their customers.

Which certification courses should I complete?

I’m an end user who just sends emails.

If you are a member of a larger marketing team that divvies up tasks between different members or you work for a smaller organization whose digital marketing primarily consists of sending emails, the ClickDimensions Fundamentals Certification should be sufficient for you since the course covers our email marketing functionality and more basic features like creating forms and surveys.

I’m a marketing power user.

If you are the head of your marketing team, the sole marketer for your organization or you are working on larger marketing efforts such as automating processes or integrating additional services with CRM, we would recommend completing the ClickDimensions Fundamentals and ClickDimensions Advanced Certifications to maximize your understanding of ClickDimensions functionality and how it can be used to bolster your marketing efforts.

I’m a CRM administrator or member of the IT team.

If you are involved with your organization’s CRM environment in a technical context, but you are not necessarily engaging in any marketing activities, we recommend completing the ClickDimensions Admin Certification to ensure you know how to install, update, set up and troubleshoot the ClickDimensions solution. It may also be a good idea to go through the Fundamentals and Advanced courses as well in case any of your users come to you with functionality questions.

I’m a ClickDimensions partner.

We recommend that partners complete the ClickDimensions Fundamentals, Advanced and Admin Certifications. For the partner certification courses, we have the following guidelines if your organization is:

  • Selling services: We recommend completing all three partner certifications. Start with Onboarding, then Product Consulting, then Support, and develop customized services around these certifications.
  • Selling licenses: We recommend completing the Product Consulting Certification. If you also work on implementation for customers, complete the Onboarding Certification as well.
  • Presales consultants: We recommend completing all three partner certifications to be able to prepare effective demos.

Any questions regarding partner certifications can be directed to your Partner Account Manager.

Now that you have a better understanding of which certifications will help you get the most out of your experience using ClickDimensions, head on over to the ClickDimensions Academy and complete our self-service courses at your own pace. If you have any questions about certifications or the Academy in general, feel free to reach out to the Training Team at and we will be glad to help!