Email to LPA number of customers have asked in the past if we have any recommendations for how they can best share the content of their email on their company website after they have distributed it to their customers. There are a few different ways this task could be approached, but my preferred method would be converting the email content to a landing page. Converting your email to a landing page not only allows you to save it as a web page, but also gives you access to the landing page embed link and embed iframe code so you can easily link or embed the page into an existing page on your website.

To begin, you will first select an email that you would like to post on your website. In this case, I have chosen a simple example template from our training environment.


Once you have opened the template editor, move to the “preview” view, click and drag your mouse over all of the content of the email that you are interested in posting, then copy it.


Once the content has been copied, navigate to Settings > Web Content in your CRM, and create a new landing page. In this case, creating a freestyle landing page would be the simplest choice. Once you save the web content record, click the “design” button to open the landing page editor and paste the email content into it.


If you have dynamic content in the email template, you may want to remove it or replace it with placeholder data so the dynamic code isn’t what displays on the email when you post it on your website. Likewise, you may want to try removing some content that would be superfluous when the email is posted on your site, like your microsite link and unsubscribe link. For example, the following screenshot is a live version of the same landing page with the microsite link removed and the dynamic content replaced with my own name:


Now that your email content has been cleaned up, you can save the landing page and use the editor’s embed options to place the content wherever you may want it within your website.


Happy Marketing!

Written by Rhys Saraceni, Marketing Success Manager