Last month I showed you how you can use a workflow to send customers a specific email based on how they filled out a certain field on your form. We can actually use a similar workflow to add people to a specific marketing list and assign them to a user based on how they fill out a form field.

In our example, we have created a form asking which specific ClickDimensions web content feature people are interested in learning more about: forms, surveys or landing pages. We want to add people to a specific marketing list based on which answer they choose in the drop-down menu. We also want to assign their record to a specific user based on their answer.

The form field we created is called “Field Interest” and we made it a list with three options.

We then created three separate marketing lists that correspond with our form field options.

Now we can set up our workflow, which will check how our form field was answered, add the contact to a specific marketing list and assign them to a certain user based on that form field value.

We have set up this workflow to run on posted fields, set the scope to organization and set it to run when the record is created.

For our first step, we added a Check Condition that asks if the posted field is Field Interest and the posted form is our ClickDimensions Product Interest Form.

Then we asked if the value of that field equals Surveys. Remember, the value is how the data is stored in CRM, which may be different than the label that appears on your form.

If the value is Surveys, then we add an Update Marketing List Members step.

We then opened up the Set Properties and looked for the contact associated with the posted field and then added them to the Survey Marketing List we created.

Note: If you are having both leads and contacts fill out your form, you will need to add another Check Condition step to see if the posted field’s contact contains data, add them to a contact marketing list and then check if the posted field’s lead contains data to add them to a lead marketing list.

Next, we added an Assign step to assign the posted field’s Contact record to Marissa, who takes ownership of individuals who are interested in surveys.

That takes care of surveys. Now we will add in conditional branches for those interested in landing pages and forms, so our final workflow looks like this:

Happy Marketing!

Written by Julie Patrick, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager