We love it when we see high quality visits coming in from our paid search efforts. Take this one for example. A visitor in the UK went to Google and searched on our competitor (steps 1 and 2). They then saw our ad and clicked on it (step 3). You can tell they came from our Google ad because of the unique identifier at the end of the visit entry page (i.e the adwords-txt parameter that we added to the end of the URL we placed on the Google ad). They are still on our site as I write this and so far have been going through 24 pages over the last 40 minutes.

Because ClickDimensions correlates all traffic from every unique IP address that visits our site, we can open the ClickDimensions IP Organization record and see that this is the first visitor ever to come from this IP address. Below you can see that there is only one visit associated with this IP address.

What this tells us is that this person didn’t know anything about us, had never been to our site and, upon searching for our competitor, found us and became very interested. And the cost for this visit? $1.21. Happy marketing!