Archive_NLYou may have the desire to set up an “archive” of previously-sent email templates or newsletters. This can be beneficial for a couple reasons: customers can review news they may have missed, and your marketing team can view previous styles of newsletters or emails when creating new campaigns, etc.

If you wish to archive email templates and keep the links working and active, you’ll need to save the HTML that the email is composed of. This can be found within the custom HTML or freestyle editors. If you created the template using the drag and drop or block editors, you can clone these templates and open the cloned version in the custom HTML or freestyle editors. See our previous blog post on how this can be done.

Once you have the HTML of your email templates, you can include them within the HTML of a web page, or they can be uploaded as an HTML file all on their own.

If you prefer to not work with code, you can still save your old templates as a PDF. An easy way to handle this would be to send yourself the email. Remember, never resend a “sent” ClickDimensions email! Always clone the email send, then add yourself as the recipient and send the cloned version. Click the “view in browser” link, select and copy all the content in the template from the browser, paste it into Microsoft Word, and save the word file as a PDF. There are also a number of resources online that can transform HTML into a PDF.

After you have uploaded your email templates, you can arrange them as a library for your readers and continue to add previously sent content to this library, which will keep everything organized for years to come!

Happy Marketing!

Written by Molly Lambeth, Marketing Success Manager