The ClickDimensions form editor allows users to add various actions to the form, such as sending submission notifications, which are performed automatically once the form is submitted. A commonly used action is the Assign action that automatically reassigns the lead submitting the form to a specified user in CRM. This is a useful tool, but it has the limitation that the form submitter will always be assigned to the same user. So how would one account for a scenario where perhaps there are different users that a lead should be assigned to depending upon the lead’s location? This scenario can be handled pretty easily by using a CRM workflow instead of the built-in Assign action to reassign the leads. In the below example, I have created a form that asks which region of the United States the person lives in (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West), then a workflow triggers when a posted field record for that question is generated and assigns to the lead to a different user depending upon the region they selected.

The Region field that the workflow is firing on is set up as a list field so the person submitting the form can only select predefined options.

The workflow is set to run on the creation of a posted field record and begins by determining if the posted field in question is a record of the Region field and came from the form “Rhys test form.” After that, the workflow checks if the form was submitted by a lead, checks the lead’s response for their region, and assigns the lead to a different user based on the response they gave.

Although this example only checks for one of four possible values, this workflow can be extrapolated to check as many values as you need. This can help streamline your lead follow-up process in scenarios where you may have a number of users working with leads from different states or different countries.