About Dante Porter

Dante Porter is a Technical Support Specialist at ClickDimensions.

Creating Custom System Views Based on Interactions

ClickDimensions has many great system views included with the solution that let you see anyone who has clicked a link in an email, registered for an event or taken other actions. [...]

Managing ClickDimensions Subscriptions for Multiple Environments

Many ClickDimensions customers have multiple CRM deployments to support their business objectives including development (Dev), user acceptance testing (UAT or Pre-Prod) and production (Prod). This article provides tips and tricks [...]

Common ClickDimensions Questions Regarding Marketing Lists

Marketing lists are an essential part of many marketing initiatives, which means we often field questions about them from ClickDimensions customers. In this blog post, we will cover four of [...]

Top 5 ClickDimensions Articles for Mastering FreeMarker

FreeMarker is one of the most discussed subjects between ClickDimensions customers and their Marketing Success Managers, and for good reason. Utilizing FreeMarker and personalization in your emails is a great [...]

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