Birthdays are now a big digital occasion. From a Facebook timeline covered with wishes to an inbox filled with greetings, birthdays are no longer the relatively private celebration they once were. Birthdays are also now a big opportunity for brands looking to surprise, delight and connect with their customers, which today often comes in the form of an email. The downside is that this occasion only comes once a year. Fortunately, birthdays aren’t the only occasions brands can celebrate with their customers as they look to boost their customer experience. Below are five ideas for other occasions to mark with your customers throughout the year.

But first, a brief reminder before we get started with the ideas. Keep in mind that, for some of these ideas, you can be limited by the data that you store within your CRM and make a conscious effort to gather data that can help you enhance the customer experience in small, but powerful ways.

1. Firsts with your company. The day that a prospect converts to a customer is a big deal. Why not give it the attention that it’s due? Whether it’s the first time they made an individual purchase, used your service or signed a contract, take the time to thank them for their business. You could also use this opportunity to send them a brief survey to share their opinion on how your business or products have met their expectations in the time since your relationship started. Or send them a special promotional offer as a thank you.

2. Job promotions. For B2B marketers, job promotions are an excellent opportunity to connect with customers. While you won’t find this data in CRM, you will want to update an individual’s contact record with this new information. You can then send a personalized email using dynamic content that includes their new title. This allows you to go beyond a simple congrats from a sales person or account manager on LinkedIn and show that your company as a whole cares about their career advancement and success.

3. Anniversaries. There are a few different options for recognizing your customers’ anniversaries and it again depends on the information you choose to gather and store in your CRM. The anniversary you recognize may also be influenced by whether your business is B2B or B2C. Wedding anniversaries may be more appropriate for B2C while work anniversaries might make more sense on the B2B side of things. Either way, personalized anniversary email greetings are a way to show customers that you remember big moments in their lives.

4. Family changes. Speaking of big moments, they don’t really get any bigger than a marriage or the birth or adoption of a child. Recognizing these special events can really help you go the extra mile in the customer experience. However, unless you are in the wedding industry or make products for babies, it can sometimes be challenging for brands to be aware of these events. Train your sales team, customer service reps, account managers and other customer-facing employees to listen out for these happenings in their conversations with customers and empower them to send designated congratulatory company email communications in celebration.

5. Professional recognition days or weeks. March 30 is Doctors Day. August 19 is Chef Appreciation Day. October 10 is International Newspaper Carrier Day. Pick any day or week of the year, and there’s a holiday or observance associated with it, some of which recognize certain professions. Join in the celebration with a targeted email. So, for example, if you have a segment of customers that are nurse practitioners, you could send them an email thanking them for their professional contributions during Nurse Practitioner Week in November.

Happy Marketing!