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Beyond Customer Satisfaction: 5 Ways to Use Surveys to Engage Customers

Opinions – everyone has them and businesses often love asking their customers for them. This ask most often comes in the form of a customer satisfaction survey, which is an important tool for organizations looking to understand how they are measuring up in the minds of their customers. But surveying customers shouldn’t stop there.

Here are five ways you can use surveys to tap into valuable customer insights while engaging that audience at the same time:

1. Get content ideas. If you engage in content marketing, you know how difficult it can be to consistently come up with topics that interest your audiences. So why not go straight to the source? Ask your customers what topics they would like to read about on your blog or in eBooks, or if there’s a webinar topic that would be of interest. The results may provide ideas that you had never considered before and can fuel your content calendar for months to come.

2. Create a competition. If your company has several products or services in its lineup, try creating a competition where customers vote for their favorite. This quick survey would be a fun way to boost customer engagement and can also serve as great content for social media. Similarly, if you are planning to launch a new product or service, you could ask customers to vote on specific features to be included or, if appropriate, even ask them to help you name the newcomer.

3. Segment lists. While it’s likely you already have a great deal of information about your customers within your CRM system, surveys can help you fill in missing details. Try adding a survey link in your next customer newsletter or email blast that asks recipients to complete a short survey that will help your organization better tailor communications to their interests. Questions could be demographic in nature, which could also be used to strengthen your marketing personas, or could be used to find out other information such as product or service preferences.

4. Grade your website. Regardless of your industry, customers often visit an organization’s website for a variety of reasons, from making a purchase on an e-commerce site to downloading content to getting contact information for one of your company’s office locations. With so many reasons to visit your website, customers are likely to have opinions on how easy it is to access the information they need and the overall user-friendliness of your site. Ask them to complete a short survey in order to find out how you can improve future website visits.

5. Follow up more frequently. Customer satisfaction surveys are often conducted on an infrequent basis, and quite a few customer transactions and interactions can take place between one customer satisfaction survey and the next. Use short surveys to follow up with your customers more often. For example, in confirmation emails after purchases or donations, you could include a link to a one- or two-question survey that asks about their experience during that particular transaction.

Happy Marketing!

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