When you use the ClickDimensions marketing automation solution you get detailed information in your CRM about every visit to your site. When you send marketing emails the visits to your web site that originate from clicks on the links in the marketing emails are listed as having a referrer type of email as highlighted below.

By looking below at a list of visits that originated from email clicks you can quickly see that some people view only the page they landed on while others go onto visit multiple pages. The more pages on your site that a recipient visits, the more his or her lead score increases. Below you can see the difference in single page, low score visits and multiple page, high score visits.

Traditional email marketing can’t distinguish one click from another because the intelligence stops at the click. With a marketing automation solution that combines email marketing and web tracking you will not only know who clicked your email links but also who is really the most interested in what you have to offer. Happy marketing!