Location, location, location. Real estate pros know that it’s all about location for their clients. In a sense, it’s all about location when it comes to real estate marketing too. And where is the location real estate marketers want to be? Top of mind, of course! Below, we look at an example scenario that shows how a real estate brokerage could nurture leads and customers using ClickDimensions.

Metro Communities Realty wanted to be able to segment their incoming leads and market to them accordingly based on how immediately individuals are looking to take action and whether they are a potential buyer or seller.

Using the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder, the company created an automated lead nurturing campaign aimed at potential homebuyers who are not ready to be passed on to a local agent. Since ClickDimensions is natively built in Microsoft Dynamics 365, it was easy to build a marketing list of these leads – or segmented lists of any other prospects or customers – to add individuals to the campaign automation.

The campaign automation includes several emails spaced out over the course of a few months, all made with the ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor. This easy-to-use tool also allows for personalization, which the Metro Communities Realty team used to add each potential buyer’s name and the city where they are interested in buying for a customized email experience.

Within the automation, email recipients are invited to download a guide filled with helpful home buying tips. Using ClickDimensions, Metro Communities Realty was able to easily create the landing page and form used for the download – no coding required!

When an individual purchases a home, they are moved from a lead nurturing automation to one Metro Communities Realty designed to increase customer retention and referrals. With ClickDimensions, there’s no limit to the campaign automations the company can create.

As part of the retention campaign, customers are sent a survey asking them to rate and review their home buying experience. Metro Communities Realty used ClickDimensions to easily create and send the survey, and when a respondent completes the survey, all their responses are linked to their CRM record.

In addition to campaign automation, email marketing, landing pages, forms and surveys, ClickDimensions gives you a wide variety of tools that can be incorporated into lead nurturing and customer retention campaigns – or any other marketing efforts! – including event management, SMS messaging, web intelligence and social marketing.

Happy Marketing!