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Campaign Automation: Creating a Performance Chart by Sales Rep

Have you ever wanted to see how different sales representatives compare when it comes to email nurturing? If you’re a ClickDimensions customer, measuring engagement by rep is as easy as creating a chart to compare email sends. Read on for step-by-step instructions.

First, you will need to create a campaign automation for each of your sales reps.

To save time in this process, you can clone the first campaign automation you create for the subsequent campaign automations you will need for all your sales reps.

After you have cloned the campaign automation, rename the new record for the other sales reps. Then, all you need to do is change the email templates and Notify User action for each sales rep.

After that, you can create a view of the emails sends from these campaign automations. To create a view, first create an advanced find.

In the Look For section, select Email Sends. Next, select Status Reason > Equals > Sent. Then, add Campaign Automation > Equals > and select all the campaign automations that were created for each sales rep. Click Save As and name your new view. An example of a name for your view could be, “Email Sends from Sales Reps Campaign Automations.”

Under the email send entity, select your newly created view, which will be used to create a chart.

Expand the CRM chart on the right side. Select the + sign to create a new chart. Designate a series for opens and add another series for clicks. For the horizontal axis label, select campaign automation. This will let you compare side by side the email send statistics from each sales rep’s campaign automation.

You can also use this chart in a customized dashboard in conjunction with other reports. To create a dashboard, go to Marketing > Dashboards and click New.

Choose a layout that best fits your needs and click Create. Add a component in the dashboard and select Chart. Then, set the Record Type to Email Sends and select the view you saved. Finally, choose your newly created chart. Click save and then add any other reports you plan on using.

Happy Marketing!

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