Four Ways to use FreeMarker with the Email Send Record

If you're a ClickDimensions customer, you are probably familiar with using the personalization button within an email template to display a recipient's name to create a more personal email experience [...]

Top 5 ClickDimensions Articles for Mastering FreeMarker

FreeMarker is one of the most discussed subjects between ClickDimensions customers and their Marketing Success Managers, and for good reason. Utilizing FreeMarker and personalization in your emails is a great [...]

Email Marketing Makeover: 5 Tips for Refreshing Your Campaigns

Are your own mass emails making you yawn? Then imagine how your customers and leads must feel. Fortunately, reinvigorating your email marketing isn't as difficult as it may initially seem, [...]

Which ClickDimensions Email Template Editor is Right for Me?

The ClickDimensions marketing automation and email marketing solution includes four different email editors. Each editor is unique and may offer different benefits for certain types of email templates you are [...]

FreeMarker Functions: Split, Capitalize and Lowercase

FreeMarker is a scripting language that ClickDimensions uses to render dynamic content in emails, but FreeMarker can also be used to manipulate the data that is pulled into emails. In [...]

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