Identifying the Location and Time Frames of Anonymous Website Visitors Converting into Contacts or Leads

Every marketer understands that knowing your audience is essential to successfully marketing your products or services. Just because many of the visitors on your website are anonymous visitors doesn't mean [...]

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Using Anonymous Visitor Web Tracking Data to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

As a marketer, knowing specifics around your website visitors becoming identified in CRM gives you valuable insight into the effectiveness of your content. Being able to identify that a marketing [...]

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Setting up a Workflow to Update IP Organization Records in CRM

When someone visits your website, there are several records written back to your Dynamics environment, if you have the ClickDimensions tracking script embedded. One of those records is the IP [...]

Keeping the Candidate Pipeline Full: How Staffing Firms Can Effectively Nurture Talent

According to Bullhorn, 61 percent of staffing industry professionals cite talent shortages as their top challenge. One way to help mitigate these shortages is to nurture talent so your firm [...]

3 Google Analytics Features That Could Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Leveraging Google Analytics in your email marketing campaigns can drastically improve your results. These simple tools can help provide valuable insights into your subscribers and help win back potential customers [...]

Understanding Anonymous Visitor Data and How it can Enrich Your Customer Data

Anonymous visitor data from ClickDimensions web tracking is an often under-utilized, yet very valuable source of historical information about visitors' navigation on your website. This web tracking data provides insight [...]

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Using Web Analytics Data to Target your Audience with Marketing Emails

Note: This article involves creating rollup fields. Rollup fields were introduced in CRM 2015. If you require any assistance with setting these up, please contact your CRM administrator or partner. [...]

Streamlining Student Recruitment with ClickDimensions

Sixty percent of high school seniors are more likely to consider higher education institutions that use digital communications, according to a Ruffalo Noel Levitz survey. For higher education institutions, that [...]

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