The newest ClickDimensions release is now available in the US region, and will be released to other regions in the next few weeks. See the highlights below, including three new campaign automation triggers!

Submitted Subscription Trigger

Now ClickDimensions users can use campaign automations to manage subscriptions with the new Submitted Subscription trigger! You can trigger a campaign automation once a posted subscription arrives in CRM and take actions like adding and removing the participant from the correct marketing lists via the decision node based on what the visitor submitted. Read more.

submitted subscription trigger

Available for CRM 2011+ only.

Submitted Survey Trigger

Now you can run campaign automations when a survey is submitted! Using the Submitted Survey trigger, you can run anyone who submits a specific survey through different actions and set different action paths based on the answers given using the decision node. Read more.

submitted survey trigger

Available for CRM 2011+ only.

Removed from List Trigger

Use the new Removed from List trigger to automatically run participants through a campaign automation if they have been removed from a particular static marketing list. You can automatically notify your team, run a CRM workflow and more to make sure participants don’t fall through the cracks. Read more.

removed from list trigger

Available for CRM 2013+ only. Requires a ClickDimensions solution update to 8.6.1.

Business Hours on Timers

The campaign automation Date Timer and Wait Timer now have a business hours option. This update allows you to choose specific days of the week and times of the day that the participant can progress past the campaign automation timer!

business hours timer

Available for CRM 2011+ only.

Attended Event Trigger Negative Path

The Attended Event trigger now has a negative path option for an inner point trigger. If a campaign automation participant did not attend your event, you can send them down a separate path from those who did attend the event.

attended event negative trigger

Available for CRM 2013+ only on version 8.5.1+ of ClickDimensions.

Export and Import Selected Records

Now you can export and import select email templates, domains and form fields from one CRM environment to another! You could always export and import these three types of records from one CRM environment to another; however, you could only export/import ALL email templates, ALL domains or ALL form fields from the environment. Now you can choose just one or a couple of templates, domains and/or form fields. We will continue to build on this feature in the future and add more record types.

Posted Surveys and Visits Linked

When a posted survey is submitted, it is now linked to the web visit record in CRM. This helps in getting better reporting!

posted surveys and visits linked

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an 1:N relationship between visits and posted surveys, therefore the solution update is required.

Available for CRM 2013+ only.

There are also several other updates and bug fixes. See the full release notes here.

Happy Marketing!