On Monday, June 5, the US region will have more new ClickDimensions features. These features will be available for all other regions later this month. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect.

Posted Surveys Connect to Email Sends

If there is a direct link to a survey in an email, you will now be able to see how many were submitted because of that email. All of those posted survey records will be associated to the email send record and you will be able to see the overall numbers in the Email Statistics window on the Conversions tab!

Email Statistics from a Campaign Automation

One of the most requested features from ClickDimensions customers is to be able to see overall email statistics on a campaign automation. With this release, that feature request will be granted! Just click on the Statistics tab in the builder and you will see an email icon wherever a Send Email action was used in the campaign automation. Click on the icon to see the overall statistics of the email.


Campaign Automation Action and Timer Updates

Series are now optional in campaign automations! Just drag and drop your actions and/or timers onto the same canvas area as the triggers. Series are still available to use as well, but this makes it easier to create your campaign automations and see all the actions following a trigger.

Campaign Automation View Updates

We are updating the view of campaign automations so it shows you all relevant fields. You will now be able to see the status, the number of completed instances and the campaign it is associated with.


Export and Import

The export and import feature allows you to export domains, form fields and email templates from one environment to another. We are in the process of improving this feature to give you the ability to share more ClickDimensions records with other CRM environments. This release brings the capability to export and import across different regions. This is great news for partners who can now export these records from one of their environments and into a customer’s environment.

Notice on Nurtures

ClickDimensions added campaign automations back in version 7.0. Since they have more flexibility, more options and a nice drag and drop interface, campaign automations were intended to replace our nurture programs feature.

We are now beginning to sunset the nurture program feature. As the first step, we are not going to include nurture programs in the ClickDimensions solution file as of version 8.7, which will ensure that new customers don’t ever see nurture programs. It also means that it will be removed from everyone else’s navigation – but don’t worry, it will not affect any nurtures you have set up and it will not delete any files. It is also simple to add nurtures back to the navigation. Follow the steps in this help article to add it back to your navigation if you are still using nurtures.

If you do not use nurtures, do not worry about this at all, and check out campaign automations, if you haven’t already. They are pretty awesome!