Digital marketing in 2010 was very different than it is today. Many of the tools, tactics and platforms – think social media marketing, video marketing, remarketing and mobile marketing to name a few – were all either in their infancy or simply didn’t exist yet. Another thing that didn’t exist was a feature-rich marketing automation solution tailored to the unique needs of Microsoft Dynamics users.

Laser focused on this need and armed with their expertise in both marketing and in Microsoft Dynamics, ClickDimensions’ founders set out to build a marketing technology platform that would address the pain points of Dynamics users. It would be natively built in Dynamics to alleviate the frustrations and inefficiencies of siloed data. It would bring together sales and marketing for bigger business wins. It would give Dynamics marketers all the essential tools for marketing success right at their fingertips. They succeeded in their goal and officially brought ClickDimensions to market on June 25, 2010. Dynamics partners and users rejoiced.

I had the distinct honor of taking over the helm of ClickDimensions as CEO in 2017. In the three years since, everyone at ClickDimensions has worked tirelessly to ensure that we continue to evolve to meet the needs of modern marketers – and to make Dynamics partners and users continue to rejoice.

No longer simply a marketing automation solution, ClickDimensions is now The Marketing Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics™. The ClickDimensions marketing platform is the only solution for Microsoft Dynamics that unifies marketing applications, marketing analytics and marketing services. We now bring you the technology, insights and services necessary for driving continual improvement in your marketing results.

It seems fitting to me that we are celebrating ClickDimensions’ 10th anniversary in 2020, the year that will be forever remembered for change. And so, as we mark this occasion, we reflect on how much we have changed in a decade and how our partners and customers have done the same and will continue to do so. We want you to know that, as always, ClickDimensions is here to help you navigate the changing world of marketing – today and in the future.

We are thankful for the opportunity to live our mission of helping marketers create amazing experiences that drive growth and engagement for 10 years now. We look forward to evolving and expanding our offerings to ensure we continue to meet that goal as marketing, business, consumers and the world change, sometimes right before our eyes.

From the entire ClickDimensions team, we thank you for an incredible decade! Whether you are a ClickDimensions customer, partner or fan, we would not be where we are today without you. And in a world of change you can count on one thing to remain the same – our commitment to and gratitude for you.

Mike Dickerson
CEO, ClickDimensions