When a brand-new version of ClickDimensions comes out, we’re all excited. But which method should you use to update to the newest ClickDimensions version? Keep reading to find out which method is right for you.

There are three different methods you can use to update ClickDimensions:

  1. Manual
  2. Semi-Automated
  3. Automated

I’m going to cover these in reverse of the order that they appear on the Auto Update menu below. The Auto Update menu for ClickDimensions can be found by navigating to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > Auto-Update.


When to use: This is a good option for environments with relatively low levels of customization. This would also be an efficient option in environments where you have verified that the ClickDimensions solution file install will not negatively impact any existing customizations.

What to expect: Roughly a week after the newest ClickDimensions solution file has been released, we will trigger a process that queues the update as an asynchronous process in your CRM, meaning that it will wait until there are sufficient system resources. This process will install the latest version of the ClickDimensions solution if possible, and then trigger an email to the address specified on the Auto Update page. This process will also ensure that the solution file is installed by the designated ClickDimensions service user, to make certain that ClickDimensions workflows are not deactivated and reassigned.


When to use: For environments where installing ClickDimensions with all the recommended settings is a high priority, but you still need control over the relative timing of the update so that customizations can be backed up before the solution file installs. You can find the article here from Microsoft regarding how to back up your customizations.

What to expect: The only difference between this option and an automated update is that the user must press the Update button under the semi-automated update option to queue up the asynchronous process. So, while it is not guaranteed that the process will run immediately, you can plan to halt development work until you receive confirmation that the update has been successful.


When to use: There are a high degree of CRM customizations in the environment and/or the environment is under a continuous development cycle, such that work cannot be stopped long enough to allow for a semi-automated update.

What to expect: Using this method will give your CRM/ClickDimensions administrators much more precise timing over the update window (most updates complete in a bit over 10 minutes, but this is entirely dependent upon CRM processing resources). First, you will need to download the ClickDimensions zip file by pressing the Download button under the manual update option. After this, I would highly recommend that you navigate to the file name and append either the org name, or ClickDimensions account key if the org name is shared across multiple environments. You can stop development, back up customizations and immediately begin the upgrade. Test ClickDimensions functionality and review the impact to customizations, and then restore customizations if necessary (ClickDimensions only touches customizations on the account, contact, lead and marketing list entities), and retest ClickDimensions and CRM functionality. For a guided process on how to perform this manual update, and what option selections to choose, please see this article our help site.

Lori Beth Blair, ClickDimensions Technical Support Specialist, contributed to this post.