We often receive questions from customers regarding how frequently we make product updates and what versions of ClickDimensions are currently supported. Below are some of the most common questions we receive as well as our answers, in case you can benefit from them too.

Q: How often is ClickDimensions updated?

At ClickDimensions, we are always working to improve existing features and add new ones. We are currently on a monthly release cycle and this means that a new ClickDimensions solution file is available every month. In addition to the solution files, monthly updates are also made on our cloud components. Cloud components include things like the content displayed in some iframes that show email statistics and builders for email and web content.

Q: What versions are supported?

Every released solution file has a version number, and we only support the last year’s worth of releases. The most recent release notes and supported versions can be found here.

Q: What happens if I need to open a support ticket and we are on an unsupported version?

The reason we can only support a year’s worth of releases is when we make updates to cloud components, they are only tested against the supported versions of the solution file. Since all our customers are affected by cloud updates, it can cause some unexpected behavior on older unsupported versions of the solution. Support will do their best to help if you are on an unsupported version, but if the issue can’t be replicated on a supported version in one of our test environments, you may be asked to update the solution.

Q: Can I request an older version of the solution file?

No, each solution file is unique for each environment and we are only able to generate the current version available for your CRM. If you think you will need a particular version in the future, be sure to download when available and save a copy.

Q: How do I stay up to date?

There are a few methods to update the solution available on the ClickDimensions Settings page.

1. Automated – This is the easiest option; all you need to do is check a box and our product team will push out the solution update automatically a few weeks after the solution file is available for manual download. Read more about automated updates here.

2. Semi-Automated – This option allows you to initiate an Automated update at a time of your choosing. It can take a few hours to complete depending on the number of installs processing on our servers and how busy your CRM is.

3. Manual – This option allows you to download the most recent solution file so you can install via a standard CRM solution import. Read more about manual updates here.

Also, see our Auto Update FAQ for more information: http://help.clickdimensions.com/auto-update-faqs.