In the next release of ClickDimensions, there will be a new optional web tracking script. This update will show a pop-up to your website visitors that will allow them to disable web tracking for your domain. This is in an effort to help our customers with the new GDPR regulations that will go into effect on May 25, 2018.

Later this month, we will start providing two different tracking scripts: the existing script and the new one with a disable option.

How it Works

The pop-up states that web tracking is used and gives the option to proceed or to disable tracking

If they select OK, they will continue to be tracked as they are now.

If they select Disable Tracking, they will see a confirmation message.

Either way, a cookie will be saved in the browser for six months. This cookie saves their answer so they are not asked every time they visit your site.

If they disable tracking, no page views or visits will be tracked on that browser for that domain for the allotted time (six months is the default). After six months, or if the visitor clears their cookies, he or she will see the message again.

Setting Up the Script

If you decide to use the new script, you will get the script in the ClickDimensions Settings > Tracking Script area.

On your website, wherever you have the existing script, you will replace it with the opt-out version.

You can optionally change the look and feel of it by adding the additional provided script to the header of your website and changing the options for colors, font, the actual text, the length of time the cookie is saved and more.

For web content forms, surveys, subscription page and landing pages, there is a new Enable Opt Out setting on the domain record (you must update to the ClickDimensions version 9.2 solution file, available later this month). This will put the message on the web content automatically. This is only recommended if you are using the direct links. You do not want the message to appear in an embedded iframe as well as the overall page. As long as the domain on the web content is set as the same domain of the page you embed it in, the opt-out script you add to your website will capture and abide by the visitor’s web tracking preference.