We are pleased to recognize some of the outstanding professionals who have recently become ClickDimensions Certified. Congratulations to everyone featured below as well as everyone else who recently passed our certification exam!

Nathan Blomfield, Fusion5

Nathan Blomfield is a Fusion5 Graduate Functional Consultant specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He is pleased to be ClickDimensions certified so he can now apply his learnings to various Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects.

Berend Sikkema, Heliview Online

Berend Sikkema is an all-round marketing professional with more than six years of hands-on and strategic B2B marketing experience. He has extensive experience with online marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, email marketing and social media marketing. As a Marketing Consultant with Heliview Online, Berend is responsible for different marketing projects for a wide variety of clients.

Augustin Panait, Dynamics CRM consultant

Augustin Panait is a technology addict and Microsoft specialist. He loves Dynamics 365 and everything around it and will promote the ClickDimensions marketing automation solution because he finds it to be a good product and the only marketing tool fully integrated in Dynamics.

Priyanka Garg, Oakton

Priyanka Garg is an experienced and proactive techno-functional analyst who has worked in the public sector, telecom and finance. She has extensive experience analyzing and solving complex problems in large and small organizations. Priyanka recently joined Oakton, and prior to that, she was a Dynamics CRM consultant for public sector domain projects at Hitachi Solutions in the Philippines.

Megan Walker, Columbus Global

Megan Walker is a CRM Consultant with Columbus Global. She loves all things techie and geeky, including web design, digital marketing, social media, and especially Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions. Megan believes that learning new things is great, but helping others and sharing new things is even better.

Morten Kaare Pedersen, William Demant Retail

Morten Kaare Pedersen develops global CRM strategy for William Demant Retail. He is responsible for creating automated cross-channel programs in ClickDimensions that support attracting, converting and retaining customers. Morten also helps subsidiaries implement CRM program and build local CRM excellence.

Helene Zimmermann, adesso AG

Helene Zimmermann is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional Software Engineer at adesso AG. She has worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2011.

Ryan Maclean, Hymans Robertson LLP

Ryan Maclean is the CRM Technical Lead at Hymans Robertson LLP, responsible for shaping and delivering the CRM platform to meet the firm’s changing needs, and providing strategic leadership to ensure the firm can make best use of CRM and other integrated platforms, like ClickDimensions.  Ryan has worked with Dynamics CRM for six years, starting with CRM 2011 right through to Dynamics 365.

Don Guillen, Flexible Benefit Service Corp.

Don Guillen has recently taken on an operations role at Flexible Benefit Service Corporation (Flex) in addition to his prior accounting position. Flex is a general agency and benefit administrator serving thousands of producers, employers, employees and individuals nationwide. Don specializes in integrating programs in order to create internal efficiencies. He enjoys learning new applications, and is excited to add ClickDimensions to his skill set.

Alexandre Boussemart, eFrontech

Alexandre Boussemart is a Marketing and CRM Project Manager at eFrontech. He is dedicated to marketing and CRM projects for companies in every sector/field. This includes audit, design, configuration, CRM/tool integration, training, deployment and maintenance.

Clarice Keating Groendal, OCP

Clarice Keating Groendal serves as communications/content specialist at OCP, a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon, where she oversees the organization’s email marketing program. She specializes in email marketing strategy, marketing automation, lead generation and content marketing. She is a former journalist and holds a master’s degree in communications management.

Lauren L. Haapakoski, Wipfli LLP

Lauren Haapakoski is a CRM Consultant at Wipfli LLP, a national CPA and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients accelerate organizational growth leveraging leading-edge technology platforms. Lauren’s background in using ClickDimensions as an experienced marketing professional is a great asset to the firm’s technology consulting practice. Her experience as an end user is invaluable in advising and educating clients.

Are you interested in becoming ClickDimensions certified too? Learn more about ClickDimensions Academy and the certification process here.