Because the ClickDimensions marketing automation solution allows you to easily create workflows that send trackable emails there are a number of possibilities for automation. For example, internally at ClickDimensions we have added a custom field to our CRM Contact records so that any of our sales people can quickly send off one of several automated emails. The Contact field is shown below and is labeled ‘Auto Email’ since selecting any value and saving the Contact record will automatically fire off an email:

The accompanying workflow looks like this:

So, for example, when you select the ‘Latest Newsletter’ option and save the Contact record a workflow fires to send the latest copy of the newsletter. Quick and easy.

Since our solution allows us to see when our prospects have been on the site and/or interacting with our emails we added the ‘Check-In’ option so that a generic email asking the person if they have any questions is sent.

However, we took this a step further and made the email template fully personalized to not only include the recipient’s name but also to modify the signature and ‘from’ address so that the email will come from the Contact owner and will include the Contact owner’s information in the email signature. Since we used our OutlookCast feature to create the email template the email that is sent looks like it was sent personally. An example is below. The email was sent to John by our EMEA manager Tony Cannizzo but to send it Tony simply had to change the ‘Auto Email’ field on the Contact record and save it.

Our underlying email template is below and, as you can see, both the recipient name as well as all the auto-signature information is merged into the template at the time of send.

The result of this is an extremely efficient automation. When one of our partner managers notices a prospect show up on the site or interact with an email he can quickly fire off the check in email to see if the prospect may have an interest in talking with us. Since the check-in email comes from the ClickDimensions service it is fully trackable and the partner manager can see if the person opened or clicked it.