It’s always a great time to start planning your upcoming events! And while you’re planning these events, you may be thinking: how can I best manage all of them? A simple ClickDimensions form will easily capture the registrants’ information, but what if you wanted to go a step further and manage the entire event within CRM? Managing the event is easy by creating an event record, then keeping track of registrants via event participation records. While event participation records aren’t automatically created when a form is submitted, this article illustrates how you can easily set up a workflow so that each time your form is submitted, an event participation record is created for that individual.

If you’re already familiar with that article, you probably already have a ClickDimensions form set up to capture event registrant information. But, let’s say you want people to invite their friends, colleagues or a plus one. Ideally, you would like to capture all that information at one time, while also creating individual event participation records for each person.

There’s an easy way to make this happen by using the confirmation text as an avenue back to the form upon submission! By setting up the workflow in that aforementioned article, each time someone RSVPs using your form, a separate event participation record will be created. I’ve created a simple process below that piggybacks off that article to ultimately encourage multiple RSVPs at one time, while also ensuring each additional guest has their own event participation record.

For this example, I created a simple RSVP form for an upcoming fundraising gala.

Fundraising Gala Form

When someone RSVPs to my event, I would like to encourage them to RSVP a friend or a colleague as well. This is where the confirmation text makes its appearance. I have chosen to customize my response with HTML instead of redirecting the entire page via a post redirect URL. This option provides the original registrant confirmation that their information has been received, even if they don’t plan on registering additional guests. However, I have added a link below the text that prompts them to register a friend or colleague for the event as well. You may prefer to link an image or restructure this confirmation text as desired, but the goal here is to provide your registrants a way to access the form again easily once it has been submitted.

I have chosen a simple line of text, “Would you like to register a friend or colleague for this event?” for my link.

Confirmation Text

Now, you will want to link this text back to your form using either the Custom URL embed option or Embed as Link option. I chose to use the Embed as Link option:

Embed Options

Once you have customized your confirmation text and added your link to register additional guests, you will want to create a ClickDimensions landing page to embed this form. For this example, I created my landing page using the block editor and placed my form on the page in a form or survey block, which embeds the form as an iFrame.

Upon perfecting your landing page and embedding your form, the final step is ensuring that the workflow to create event participation records is set up to run when a posted form record is created. The steps to create this workflow can be found here.

Now that everything is set up, you can take a look at the final result!

Final Process

Happy Marketing!