For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has sprung and along with the blooming flowers comes an abundance of new features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Features including collaboration, digital selling, engagement, and forecasting and pipeline are just some of the extensive enhancements to Dynamics 365 Sales that are included in wave 1 of this year, which runs from April to September 2021.

One very exciting area for Dynamics users that is receiving a lot of attention from the D365 product team is around Microsoft Teams integration. In this new all-digital world, remote collaboration and communication is essential for day-to-day operations and D365 Sales is getting better and more tightly integrated with Microsoft Teams to help make that collaboration and communication more cohesive.

The key areas in the new Wave 1 release that I am extremely excited about are:

  • Access Teams channels and chats directly from D365 records. Users of D365 Sales will be able to link Microsoft Teams channels and chats to table records directly in D365 Sales.
  • Create D365 notes or activities directly from a Teams meeting. D365 Sales users will be able to add a note or activity to a D365 record directly from Teams.
  • Edit D365 records from within a Teams conversation. This new feature allows Teams users to quickly edit a D365 record directly from a Teams conversation.
  • Engagement with Teams chats directly from D365. Dynamics users will no longer need to switch between D365 Sales and Teams when creating and responding to messages related to D365 activity.
  • Share D365 records in a Teams message. Users will be able to search for information in Dynamics 365, share with other participants in their chats or channels, and even allow them to perform tasks from within the conversation.

I like to think of D365 Sales as the organizational element for all sales activities; this is the place you would go to find a contact or lead, maybe even viewing the parent account associated with a record and including opportunities linked to your contacts and leads. With tighter and more integrated Teams access, users can easily collaborate with colleagues and other departments directly related to the D365 record all within the D365 Sales interface.

For a full list of the planned features that will release for Dynamics 365 Sales in wave 1, please see this article from Microsoft.

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