Want to spread your email marketing messages to a new audience? Try social sharing in ClickDimensions. In a previous blog post, we shared how to modify the title and description of your Facebook social sharing post. In this blog post, we will explore how to customize the post even further by adding a custom image and page type.

To start, you will want to have access to the HTML of your email template designer. If you are using the ClickDimensions drag and drop editor, you can access the HTML by cloning your template, changing the designer type to freestyle and saving. Once you have gained access to the HTML, you will create some meta tags in the header of your code. When you are done, you will have code that looks something like this:

The first meta tag here will allow us to modify the title of the post. The property of the meta tag is og:title and the content will contain our custom title.

<meta property=”og:title” content=”Check Out Our Sleepy Cat Pictures!”>

Next, we can add a brief description of the post. Remember to keep it brief and to detail the content of the email you are sharing.

<meta property=”og:description” content=”Come check out our gallery of cute sleepy cats and kittens of all colours and sizes!”>

Now we can add a custom image to display on our post. By default, the Facebook Post will pull the first image in your email. For a lot of people, that may be the header of your email and may not necessarily reflect the content of your email. You will need to know the URL of your image. If your image is hosted by ClickDimensions, you can find its URL by opening the image manager and selecting your image. Then right click on the image preview pane and select Copy Image Address:

We can customize the image displayed by pasting the image’s URL into the content section of the following code:

<meta property=”og:image” content=”https://app.clickdimensions.com/blob/clickdimensionscom-ahbqy/files/oscar.png”>

Finally, Facebook will allow you to define your post type using these attributes. If you do not define a type, it will default to website. This tag will impact how your content shows up in the News Feed.

Once you have added all your meta tags, your Facebook post will look something like this:

Happy Marketing!