Want to see at-a-glance how popular all your subscription topics are? Real-time reporting for subscription lists is achievable in a few quick steps.

Before we dive in, please note that this blog post will go through some simple customizations to your Dynamics environment. Also, this method will assume that all members of your marketing list have opted in to receive your emails and that you maintain your lists by removing anyone who opts-out. If you need help with maintaining your marketing lists, take a look at this help article, which covers this process in more detail. Finally, this method is only compatible with static marketing lists. That’s because dynamic marketing lists do not populate a value for Member Count, which is crucial for this process.

Note: This article involves creating rollup fields. Rollup fields were introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. If you require any assistance with configuring these fields or any of the native CRM reporting functions (charts, dashboards, etc.), please contact your CRM administrator or partner.

To start, create a rollup field on the subscription list record to display the total number of people on each marketing list associated to the subscription list. To create the new field, open the form editor for the subscription list entity:

Next, create a new field by clicking the New Field button in the bottom right corner in the Field Explorer section:

Then, give the field a name and set the Data Type as Whole Number and the Field Type as Rollup, as shown below:

Then, set the criteria for the rollup field by clicking the Edit button:

The criteria above will reference the member count value of each marketing list associated to the subscription list and will display the sum of these values:

Once this field is set up, it will auto calculate the total number of members each time someone is added to or removed from a marketing list.

With a numerical count of how many people are currently subscribed to any given topic, we can start to build out visual representations of this data with charts, such as this one:

To create this chart, navigate to your view of subscription lists. Click on the Charts pane on the right side and click the plus to add a new Chart:

In the chart designer, set the Series to Number of Members and Sum, then set the Category to Name. This will produce the following result:

Click the Save button and you’re done! You can even add this chart to a dashboard to create your own subscription center.

Happy Marketing!