Looking for information for a specific ClickDimensions entity? Good news! It can be easily accessed through the Related Records menu. Using the Related Records menu can save you time when locating information for a specific contact, email send or ClickDimensions web content record. The examples below demonstrate some of the most valuable relationships and data available in related menu options.


To get to the Related Records menu for a specific contact, you will need to go to Marketing > Contacts and select a contact record. Once you are viewing the contact, you can click the arrow beside the name to show all options for the contact’s related information.

For instance, you can view all the forms a contact has submitted or the email events they have generated. The latter is especially useful for determining why someone may have bounced or been blocked.

Tip: If you don’t see ClickDimensions entities in a contact’s Related Records menu, make sure you’re on the ClickDimensions entity form.

Email Sends

If you are viewing an email send’s Related Records menu, you will notice that it will differ slightly from that of a contact. To access this, go to Marketing > Email Sends and select a specific record. Once you have chosen the email send you would like to review, click the dropdown arrow again.

From there, you can drill down into the minute details of your email. Sent emails represent every individual message that was sent, while email events represent every action that was taken in regards to your email (deliveries, opens, clicks, etc.) Excluded emails and suppressed marketing lists represent people that ClickDimensions did not attempt to deliver the message to.

Web Content

You also can leverage the Related Records menu to gather information for web content records. You can review the data collected from the web content, like form submissions, or associated with the record, like page views, to monitor engagement and traffic.

Happy Marketing!