All of the recent hype around the "The Big Game" made me think about sports marketing, fan engagement and how teams can turn their fans into brand ambassadors. So let's take a look at how we can use ClickDimensions to turn fans into brand ambassadors by tailoring an experience that is unique to them.

Keep in mind that although this blog post speaks to sports marketing, brands of all kinds have fans and can turn them into brand ambassadors using similar strategies.

Building the Team

Data is a crucial part of creating a VIP experience for your fans. Using ClickDimensions forms, obtaining customer information is easy.

The first thing we need to do is decide what questions we want to ask. What specific data is most important to your team and the fans? Questions like these can be useful in tailoring an experience for a fan:

  • Would you like to receive email or text updates?
  • How often do you come to games?
  • Are you interested in our ticket packages?
  • Who is your favorite player?
  • What is your favorite stadium snack?

Once we have outlined the questions we want to ask, we then need to create a form that captures that information. Be sure to have all of your custom form fields set up and ensure they are mapped to the correct locations on the contact or lead entity in CRM. The below image outlines an example of what this form could look like.

When using a marketing automation platform like ClickDimensions, users tend to assume that they can only engage fans via email or on the team's website. This is true in most cases, but fans are right in front of you at games, and it's a prime opportunity to gather data. By having your team load the form on a tablet at games, you can engage with fans and obtain data on the spot.

So why would fans take the time to fill out this form for you? The key here is to present something of value to drive form completions. By offering a chance to win tickets, get a discount or win a unique experience with the team, fans will see value and want to complete the form.

Providing Winning Information

Once you have gathered fan information, you can use SMS messaging through ClickDimensions to create a unique experience. In-game alerts like merchandise promotional codes and traffic alerts before and after the game will keep fans coming back. You could even use SMS alerts to help people find their seats or let them know that their favorite player is signing autographs after the game.

By using the checkbox field that we included in our web form, we can determine whether or not fans would like to receive SMS alerts. If someone completes that field on the web form, we can use a CRM workflow to add them to a specified SMS marketing list. You can then provide fans with information that will give them a unique experience and make them feel like a real part of the team.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Matt Privateer, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager