Whether in-person or online, events offer organizations a powerful way to connect with their audiences and strengthen relationships while giving attendees the opportunity to be educated or entertained – or both. In the example scenario below, you can see how one law firm used ClickDimensions to engage their clients using educational events.

Law firm Anderson Brooks wanted to expand upon their popular lunch and learn series while making event registration and management easy for their team and their clients.

Using the ClickDimensions easy-to-use drag and drop email editor, the firm’s marketing team created an email invitation, no HTML coding knowledge required, for the next lunch and learn event.

The email links to the lunch and learn event that Anderson Brooks created in Eventbrite.

ClickDimensions’ integrations with Eventbrite, Cvent, GoToWebinar and WebEx allow the firm to bring event, registration and attendee information automatically into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a wide variety of events. They can easily track which contacts or leads are registering for and attending the firm’s events all in one place.

Event participation records give the firm insight into which events an individual registered for and attended and, for webinars, also provides how long that person attended the event.

If they prefer to be more manual in their processes or not use event integrations, ClickDimensions gives Anderson Brooks another option for event management. The firm has the option of managing events using forms and landing pages, which they can quickly and easily create using ClickDimensions.

When someone registers for the event using the landing page form, an email notification is generated and sent to a specified contact within the firm.

In addition to email marketing, event integrations, forms and landing pages, ClickDimensions provides law firms with a wide variety of tools that can be used in any of their marketing efforts including campaign automation, surveys, social marketing and more.

Happy Marketing!