In the ClickDimensions 8.7 (June) and 8.8 (July) releases, there are quite a few updates to our import and export tool. This tool allows you to easily move ClickDimensions records from one environment to another. For example, if you have a test environment where you want to build and test emails or landing pages before moving them to your production Dynamics environment, you can do that with our import and export functionality. Or if you are a ClickDimensions partner and you want to build content for your customer in your environment and then move it into their environment, you can also use the import and export tool for that purpose.

Landing pages and survey questions have recently been added to the list of records that can be imported and exported. See the below image for all options.

Other added improvements include:

  • Exporting specific records rather than all or nothing.
  • Duplicate detection that will alert you if another record with the same Record ID already exists. You can then choose whether you want to replace the record, create a new one or not import the record.
  • Form field mapping enhancements that will remember existing field mapping if your fields have been previously mapped. If the system can’t find the same field in the new environment, it will alert you that it couldn’t map that field and allow you to easily update it to map to another field.

*Note: This was an immediate update so all environments already have the improvements mentioned.