Auto responder emails are a great tool to strengthen the relationship between your organization and your leads and contacts.  These emails are sometimes composed more hurriedly than a bulk email send, but they should be taken more seriously.  Auto responder emails can offer a customer a sense of completion when they submit a web content record, often times they are used as a means of confirmation to the customer.

Auto responder emails are set up using the “Action” portion of the ClickDimensions form, survey, or subscription management page designers. They are designed to be sent to the customer as soon as they submit the form, survey, or subscription management page they have filled out.

Here are a few examples on how to get the most out of your auto responder emails:

(1) The Double Opt-In – You may have seen our earlier post about how to set up double opt-ins using an auto responder email, which is a great way to practice permission-based email marketing. This allows your website visitors to sign up for your mailings, but doesn’t add them to your marketing list unless they also confirm that they have signed up when they view the confirmation (auto responder) email.  This can be especially helpful if you are working to comply with the CAN-SPAM act.

(2) Reward Loyalty – Give the people who submitted your ClickDimensions forms and surveys a little bonus: include an offer or reward for giving you their feedback or information; make it worth their while.  Remember, you can include an email template made with any ClickDimensions email template designer, so these can also contain trackable links! ClickDimensions auto responder emails can be associated with subscription management pages, forms, and surveys as an action, so the possibilities for adding in trackable content exponentially increase!

(3) Send Thanks – A simple ‘thank you’ message can go a long way when it comes to building and maintaining a relationship with your customers.  Consistently following up with the customer will build trust and leaves him or her feeling appreciated.

(4) Confirmations – This is possibly the most standard use of an auto response email: confirm to the customer that you received their form, survey, subscription management page, etc. This lets the customer know that their submission was successful, and that they can expect you to contact them moving forward.  We live in a digital age where we can expect a confirmation on orders, appointments, reservations, etc., so when a confirmation email is absent, it seems peculiar.

Make use of your auto responder emails by creating a thoughtful email template, tailored to your campaign, and include auto responders within the “action” portion of the designers for ClickDimensions forms, surveys, and subscription management pages.

Written by Molly Lambeth, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager