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Four Ways to use FreeMarker with the Email Send Record

If you’re a ClickDimensions customer, you are probably familiar with using the personalization button within an email template to display a recipient’s name to create a more personal email experience or to personalize subject lines to capture a recipient’s attention, using information from a lead, contact or account record. But did you also know that you could use the personalization button to insert information from an email send record? In the below example, I will highlight four ways the personalization button can be used to dynamically reference fields on the email send record to update a team on an ongoing CRM campaign.

1. Introduce a new CRM campaign.

The ClickDimensions solution allows customers to associate ClickDimensions entities such as email sends with CRM campaigns in order to help customers track their campaign activity. Associating a campaign with an email send record will allow you to introduce a monthly or weekly campaign to your team so they are up to date with current campaigns.

2. Display campaign statistics.

Aside from referencing standard fields, you can also use the personalization button to reference custom fields created on your email send record. When creating custom fields, remember to publish the metadata so the fields will appear when selecting the personalization button. To update the team on the progress of a campaign, I have created two custom fields for my email send record: Campaign Open Rate and Campaign Click Rate.

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If you have a custom view for your campaign in CRM, you can gather the data from the progress of the campaign and manually enter the percentages into the text fields.

3. Signatures.

Often, the record owner is the best choice for the signature portion of an email, but that choice might not be the best one if the recipient is not familiar with the owner of the record. In order to make the email send more personal, the From User or From Name field can be referenced in the email template. Because my team is being addressed, I used my team lead in the signature in the example below.

4. Provide contact information.

To direct all questions to the sender, I used the From Email field on the email send record to pull in the email address in case recipients have questions. Using this field will streamline communication and avoid any confusion regarding who should be contacted with questions.

Now you have an email send ready to go as a weekly or monthly campaign update to your team!

Team update email send (002)

Happy Marketing!

About the Author:

Shekinah Harper is a ClickDimensions Onboarding Specialist.

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