In-person or online, large or small, paid or complimentary, hosting or participating – there are so many event options available today. What they have in common in terms of lead generation is that they offer unique opportunities for buyers to interact with brands and for organizations to more personally cultivate buyer interest. In fact, 74 percent of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted after the event, according to the Event Marketing Institute.

So how do you utilize events to fuel your lead generation efforts? Here are five tips for success:

  1. Set goals. Before participating in or hosting an event, establish upfront what your goals are and be realistic about what you can achieve through a given event. While attendee and registration goals are important, also consider setting goals related to pipeline and revenue so you have a bigger picture of long-term impact.
  2. Segment your audience. Be sure to have a good understanding of who will be attending an event. It’s likely that there will be some variations in attendee demographics, but you will want to plan your messaging accordingly so you can address the needs of each audience.
  3. Focus on education. Whether you are hosting a webinar or exhibiting at a big industry tradeshow, focus on educating attendees rather than giving them a hard sell. Use the opportunity to address the problems attendees face rather than simply running through a list of your product or service’s features.
  4. Be creative. Imagine a crowded tradeshow floor for a moment – how do you stand out from a sea of other vendors? Think outside the box when it comes to your booth theme, staff uniforms, unique giveaways and other elements that make up the experience. For online events, eye-catching titles and topics can help bring in the leads.
  5. Utilize technology. Event management technology can provide valuable insights into attendees, ease event management challenges and deliver visibility into event effectiveness and ROI. And according to Frost & Sullivan, event technology can help increase event attendance by 20 percent and decrease costs by 30 percent. Using the event integrations with popular event management systems – WebEx, GoToWebinar, Cvent and Eventbrite – in ClickDimensions, you can see event registration and attendance information directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Happy Marketing!