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Getting real-time customer survey feedback (alerts) from CRM

At ClickDimensions we have two key surveys we use to gauge customer feedback. The first is our support satisfaction survey that is sent after each and every technical support case. The second is our onboarding survey that is sent when a new customer has completed our onboarding process and training. Each of these surveys has rating questions and we can see the average scores for these questions in a CRM dashboard we have created (see below).

While it is great to be able and see this information, we were looking for something more proactive. So, we created a workflow that fires when new survey answer records are created. The workflow alerts (via email) members of our leadership team anytime a rating question is score 10 or 6 or below. Below is a look at a survey answer record…

And below is a look at the workflow we created to notify us of the 10’s and the >=6’s…

Now, when we get a great (10) or not so great (6 or below) rating on a survey question, we know immediately and can take the appropriate action. Below is the email alert we receive. Talk about news you can use! Happy marketing!

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