What is UTM tracking?

In short, UTM tracking is used by Google Analytics to uncover where visitors come from. This is done by adding UTM parameters (also known as a UTM tags or codes) to a URL in order to help track the source of the visit.

How does ClickDimensions work with UTM tracking?

When you associate your email send to a CRM campaign, ClickDimensions automatically adds UTM tracking to the email. This option can be found in the advanced settings on an email send record. This field defaults to “Yes.”

What UTM parameters does ClickDimensions add?

ClickDimensions adds the minimum three parameters Google Analytics requires to use UTM tracking. The other two would need to be added manually.


UTM Code


Campaign Source




Campaign Medium




Campaign Name


(CRM Campaign name)


Campaign Term



Campaign Content




Example of link automatically generated:

http://www.clickdimensions.com/? cldee=ZXJ5a2EuYWRhbXNAY2xpY2tkaW1lbnNpb25zLmNvbQ%3d%3d&utm_source=

(Please note: the “cldee” parameter is ClickDimensions’ tracking code and unrelated to UTM tracking)

How do I add the other UTM parameters manually?

If you would like to add just the two UTM parameters that ClickDimensions does not add, you would format your URL as follows:


Once the email is sent, ClickDimensions will add the additional three. Please note, tracking is not added in emails sent using the Test button.

Example of a link once it has been sent:

http://www.clickdimensions.com/?utm_term=Spring2016&utm_content= PPC&_cldee=ZXJ5a2EuYWRhbXNAY2xpY2tkaW1lbnNpb25zLmNvbQ%3d%3d&utm_source=ClickDimensions

Can I add all of the UTM parameters manually?

Yes, you can type all UTM parameters out yourself or even use Google’s URL Builder, but if you would like to add all of the UTM parameters manually, you will need to make sure to turn off this setting when creating your email send.

If you do not turn off this setting and you add one of the three that ClickDimensions adds this can cause various issues such as:

  • UTM tracking inaccuracies or no tracking at all
  • Links breaking
  • Error upon submission of form hyperlinked in the email

Once an email is sent the links cannot be changed, so it is very important not to have any duplicate UTM parameters on a URL.