There just isn’t enough time in the day! That statement is ubiquitous in today’s busy, overbooked society. It also mirrors how many marketers feel about managing their brand’s social media presence. It often feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to effectively and impactfully monitor and manage across social channels. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help improve your social media processes, productivity and results. Here are five essentials:

1. Define and document your strategy. Savvy social media marketers today know that you can’t post the same thing on every channel. While taking an individualized approach to your social channels can be more time-consuming, it can also be very worthwhile, thanks to the positive impact on engagement. To help reduce the time spent on pondering and planning your social posts, create a strategy for what gets posted where and why, and then be sure to document it. This will help ensure that as new post content arises, you can act quickly to post it exactly where it needs to go to align with your social strategy.

2. Emphasize quality. Social media has been the subject of a robust quality versus quantity debate for some time now. While both certainly have their place and quantity is very important, quality should be your focus. You want to ensure that your posts are good enough to encourage engagement, drive shares and increase conversions. This focus on quality will result in posts that are more enduring and garner more engagement over time rather than only attracting attention shortly after posting. Ultimately, this will save you time in your social efforts and improve your results.
Keep in mind that some experimentation may be required to find the types of posts that resonate with your audience.

3. Dig into data to determine quantity. Now that we have touched on quality, let’s talk quantity. There is no set rule for frequency of posts on social media. Instead, turn to data to determine what makes most sense for your audience. By experimenting with the volume of posts and examining data over time, you should be able to find your sweet spot for the number of posts. You may find that at a certain frequency engagement either plummets or skyrockets. You can then adjust posting accordingly.

4. Create a social media editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a must for social media marketing today. This will help you stay organized in your social efforts and ensure that you’re posting with optimal frequency across all channels. A social media editorial calendar is especially helpful for easily identifying any gaps that might exist in your schedule and can ensure variety in the types of posts you have planned.

5. Utilize technology. Technology can help with so many aspects of marketing today, and social media is no exception. From posting to listening to engaging to analyzing and more, social media technology can streamline your processes. Imagine, for example, being able to schedule, listen and analyze results from one platform rather than going to each social channel. The right technology can help you achieve increased productivity and improved results.

Happy Marketing!