You asked and we listened! Our new release for November 2016 includes several product updates and enhancements that were among the most requested by ClickDimensions customers. One of these exciting new features is the ability to utilize suppression lists when creating an email send.

Using this new feature, you may select one or more marketing lists to exclude from your email send. The members of the marketing list(s) will not be sent the email send if they are also included on any suppression lists you may have also associated with the email send. With suppression lists, you do not have to continuously edit your marketing list members right before including a list in an email send. This is a huge time saver!

So when would you want to use suppression lists? A perfect example would be if you are planning an event and are sending out a series of ClickDimensions emails inviting customers or prospects to your event. The idea is to send out an invitation email each week leading up to the event date, but you want to prevent emails from going to those individuals that have already registered for the event or have said they won’t be able to attend. Below is how that process would work.

When building one of these invitation emails, first add your marketing list of event invitees as recipients:

Suppressed lists 1

Next, choose Suppressed Marketing Lists from the email send’s related menu:

Then choose the marketing lists you have created of people who have already registered for the event or those that have said they will not attend so that if they exist on the original invitation list, they won’t receive the invitation email again. These are your suppressed marketing lists:

When you send the email send, ClickDimensions will automatically exclude from sending emails to the individuals who exist on both the original list of invitees and at least one of the suppression lists.

You can see who was excluded because of the suppression list(s) when viewing the related excluded emails from the Sent Email Send record; it will state Suppressed under the Reason column:

Suppressed lists 4

This is a great time-saving feature that’s now available in ClickDimensions. Act now. Give it a try today!

Note: This feature is available in version 8.2.0 or newer. If you need to update your version of ClickDimensions, click here for more information.