As a marketer you are familiar with the concern of sending a marketing email to someone and then having them unsubscribe from all of your emails. Ideally you'd be able to keep them on some of your lists so you can keep marketing activity going with them. This is where ClickDimensions' subscription lists feature comes in handy. Instead of having a single unsubscribe page where the recipient unsubscribes from all of your email lists, the recipient is presented with subscription lists so they can decide to continue to remain on one or more lists.

Here is how it works. First you create one or more ClickDimensions subscription list records in Microsoft CRM. Since Microsoft CRM marketing lists can be created for leads, contacts or accounts the concept of ClickDimensions subscription lists allows you to associate more than one marketing list with a subscription list. For example, our monthly newsletter is sent to two lists; one of leads and one of contacts. To represent this on our subscription preferences page (i.e. our opt-out page) we create a ClickDimensions subscription list record named 'Microsoft CRM Marketing Newsletter' and associate it with our two newsletter marketing lists.

We then do the same with other lists that you want to appear on your subscription preferences pages (yes, you can have more than one subscription preferences page – details below)

With your subscription lists created and associated with their corresponding marketing lists, you can now create one or more subscription pages that your recipients will see when they click to opt out. You can configure a subscription page by creating a web content item of type 'subscription'

Click the 'Design' button to configure the subscription page. Here you can configure the header and footer of your subscription page and add the subscription lists you want to appear on the page. You can even modify the name of the subscription list to add more detail. I did this to indicate how often we send to each list (e.g. monthly or 'on occasion').

Because you can create more than one subscription page you can have different versions that are appropriate for the audience to which you are mailing. For example, the subscription page below is designed for our prospects and customers so we will not add the 'ClickDimensions Partner Updates' Subscription List to it. We can easily create another subscription page more suitable for our partners.

Now, when we are creating an email we can add a link to whichever subscription page is most appropriate for our audience.

When a recipient clicks the subscription preferences link on your email he or she will be presented with the subscription page you configured. Thus, you can keep the recipient from opting out of all your emails by giving them the choice to remain on one or more subscription list.


When the recipient selects one of the options his/her preferences are captured in CRM as a posted subscription record so you can tell what was specified.

Nothing is required on the side of the marketer to make sure the recipient no longer receives email from the subscription lists the recipient did not select. The ClickDimensions service will never send an email when someone has opted out of the list. When you do a mailing, our service checks to see if any of the recipients has opted out of a subscription list that it associated with any of the marketing lists to which you are mailing. Our service also checks to see if the recipient's lead or contact record is set to 'do not allow bulk email'.

If someone opts out of all emails their record is marked as 'do not allow bulk email' and 'do not email' and their ClickDimensions unsubscribe record reflects that they have unsubscribed from all subscription lists. If someone opts out of only some subscription lists then only those lists are linked to that person's unsubscribe record and their lead or contact record is, of course, not marked as 'do not allow bulk email' since they have clearly indicated that they want to hear from you on some topics.

With this feature you can keep your prospects from leaving your lists altogether and you can show your audience that you care about providing them with the type of content they may find interesting. Happy marketing!