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Making the Most of Your Content through Repurposing

Here are a few of our favorite tips for getting the most out of your content – and the hours in your days – through repurposing.

1. Use evergreen content. Not all content is created equal and not all content is suitable for repurposing either. For example, in 2016, trying to repurpose a blog post about the newest features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 into an infographic about the same topic is unlikely to have a positive impact on your marketing efforts. That’s because the information is outdated and not relevant to a current audience. Stick to repurposing content that can be valuable and relevant for many months, if not years, to come.

2. Look at what’s most popular. Which blog posts, eBooks, webinars and other pieces of content bring you the most leads? Start your journey into content repurposing with those pieces. They are already a hit with your target audience, so breathing new life into those pieces can often be an effective way to get even more mileage and leads out of great content. Conversely, also take a look at some of your least popular content. Repurposing an unpopular piece into a new format, for example, could be all that’s needed for it to succeed.

3. New formats aren’t always required. While a format change is what comes to mind most often when repurposing content, it isn’t always required. This ClickDimensions blog post about maintaining and optimizing CRM performance is a great example of repurposing without reformatting. The original blog post was well-received, but with information about CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 included, the article had become outdated. Our popular Marketing with Microsoft CRM Idea eBook is another example. Each year, we produce a new version of this eBook by replacing some of the more dated information with fresher content. In cases like these, refreshing content can make more sense than reformatting it.

4. Revise for different audiences. Even for organizations that have a very specific customer, chances are good that you can repurpose your content to suit different audiences. Here at ClickDimensions, for example, since our marketing automation solution is natively built inside Dynamics CRM, our customers are entirely made up of organizations that use CRM. While that’s a more specific audience than our competitors, we still have a lot of options for repurposing our content by customizing it for different audiences within our customer base. Focusing on different industries is a smart strategy, as is tailoring content for different professionals – sales versus marketing, for example.

5. Look for new outlets. As we mentioned above, changing the format of the content you want to repurpose isn’t necessary in every instance. Instead, try looking for new outlets for your existing content. Webinars could be easily posted to SlideShare or YouTube to expand your content’s reach. And here at ClickDimensions, we make our blog posts go the extra mile by repurposing them in our monthly Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM newsletter.

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Happy Marketing!

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