At ClickDimensions we really care about the happiness of our customers. We care so much that we survey our customers regularly and expose the results of these surveys on a dashboard for all employees to see. We survey on three levels. Here they are from top to bottom:

  • Overall satisfaction with ClickDimensions: We use the Net Promoter Score
    methodology to measure this by asking how likely a customer is to recommend us
  • Satisfaction with our onboarding process: We survey customers after the onboarding process to get their fresh reactions to how they felt we did
  • Satisfaction with individual support and training interactions: We send a survey at the completion of each case and training engagement

In each of our surveys we are asking the customer to rate us on various dimensions using a scale of 1 to 10. Because we are using the ClickDimensions survey tool all data is capture inside CRM entities so we can build views, charts and dashboards with it. Bringing all this information together we have built a dashboard that shows us overall customer satisfaction at a glance.

The data behind this survey is fed by several surveys. Below is our post-training onboarding survey where customers can tell us how we did in each phase of the on boarding process. Starting with the first page of the survey…

To the final page…

It is very helpful to look at our dashboard and see how we are doing in support, training, onboarding and overall satisfaction. The chart below in the dashboard shows that we’re getting good reviews on the knowledge, responsiveness and timeliness of our Marketing Success Managers (trainers). Our dashboard has similar graphs for tech support, net promoter and overall satisfaction.

So, with Microsoft CRM and ClickDimensions, there is no reason to wonder what your customers think of you.