This update has been requested by numerous customers and is a favorite among our own marketing team. We have improved the layout of the email send record for draft messages and for messages that have been previously sent. These changes make it faster and easier than ever to set up an email and to review your email statistics after the send.

Add Contacts and Leads Right from the Draft Send Screen

The new layout of the draft email screen is easier to follow and more intuitive. You can now add contacts or leads directly to the email without having to go to the related entities!

New Send Statuses

The statuses that can occur between draft and sent have been updated as well. Now instead of Outbox, emails waiting to go out are now in a view called Scheduled. Once the email has started to send, it may go into the Pending view for a few minutes (statuses for this view include Pending, In Progress and Throttled).

Improved Email Statistics

Once an email has been sent, you can see all statistics related to the email more clearly than ever before. Just go to an email you have already sent and you will see all the metrics at the top of the screen. The newly designed statistics visuals give you an overview of performance at a glance. Other details about the email, including the list of everyone you sent to, all the email events (clicks, opens, etc.), excluded emails (emails that were not included in the send but were on your list(s)), any web visits generated, forms submitted, or surveys submitted through this particular email are also summarized.

Updated Social Sharing Statistics

If you are looking for the social sharing statistics, those have moved to the Email Statistics window which can be found in the button bar at the top. This button has also been updated to require that you have full read permissions on the email statistics entity to be able to see the button and the window it opens.

New Web Visits Generated Field

Now you can see how many web visits your email generated with the new Web Visits Generated field.

New and Improved Search Functionality

We also updated the Quick Find view for email sends. This is the view that shows up when you search in the email send search bar. Previously the search would only return email sends that were in the draft status (because they were active records). We have removed this filter criteria so it will return any email send that matches the search.

Quick sends have also been updated so that the person who creates the quick send is the owner of the email send record and the created by user of that email send record. Don’t know what quick sends are? They are a great way to quickly send similar emails to a contact/lead/opportunity that you are currently working with. Check them out here.

Ever try to do an advanced find for an email send and search by subject or from information? It was difficult because there were two of each. We have now named the ones used for split test version B as Subject B, From Name B, From Email B and From Record Owner B, making it much easier to use those fields throughout Dynamics.

If the Send Immediately field is set to No, and a date and time is set, and later Send Immediately is set back to Yes, we will now clear the Send On Date/Time field to prevent confusion on what happened.

These updates do require that you update your ClickDimensions version to 8.9+ if you have not already. These updates are included in the 8.8 and 8.9 releases.

Not sure what version you are on? Take a look at Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > Auto Update. You can also update there if you are on an older version.