In the next ClickDimensions new release, there will be an option to switch your system to opt-in based subscription management. In general, what this means is that when sending an email, ClickDimensions will check to make sure there is an opt-in from each email address. Currently, ClickDimensions will just exclude everyone on your list who has unsubscribed.

Note: This will be available for CRM 2011+ customers.

Once you update to our version 9.2 (coming later this month), you will have an option in the ClickDimensions Settings area for Subscription Management Settings.

Here, you will be able to switch to the opt-in method.

Once you choose to switch, we will run a process that will make the necessary changes.

1. All members of your subscription lists will be considered opted-in, unless they have previously unsubscribed from the list or from all emails.

  • ClickDimensions will query all members of marketing lists associated with a subscription list. All members will initially be stored as opted-in within ClickDimensions’ Azure.
  • The data stored: email address, subscription list (the CRM record GUID) and the preference (In or Out).
  • ClickDimensions will then query all unsubscribe records. If a member has previously unsubscribed from a subscription list, their preference will be updated to Out for that list. If a member has a global unsubscribe, all their preferences will be updated to Out. All subscription preferences are based on the email address.

2. Everywhere you can send an email (email send record, campaign automation send email action, workflow email, quick send email, auto responder email action on web content) will now contain an option to set the email as Transactional. If it is not transactional, you will be required to specify a subscription list.

  • Transactional means that it is a non-marketing email. Examples of this would be a billing email, privacy policy update email to your users/customers, etc. These emails will not check any subscription information, but will still make sure the recipient is not on the blocked list (too many bounces or spam complaints).
  • If it is not transactional, you will be required to choose a subscription list. When the email goes out, ClickDimensions will make sure that the recipient(s) have an opt-in for that subscription list. If they do not, they will be excluded with the reason Unsubscribed/No Opt-In.

Once we are finished switching your account to opt-in subscription management, you will receive an email that it has completed and emails going forward will be sent with this process.

Sending Emails Going Forward

A link to the global unsubscribe or a subscription management page will always be required if it is a subscription list type email, no matter how many recipients. However, if it is a transactional email, the links are not required.

SMS Subscription Management

Once you switch to the opt-in method, SMS will also require a subscription list to be associated to any send. The difference between text messages and emails is that SMS does not have a transactional option, so you must have an opt-in for that phone number.

You will need to create new subscription lists for your text message marketing. There will be a new field on the subscription list entity called Subscription Channel with email and SMS options. Create an SMS channel list, then use the ClickDimensions import tool to create opt-ins for anyone you already have opt-ins for from another method used prior to the update.

Gathering Subscription Preferences Going Forward

There are a few improvements we have made to different features to help gather preferences from your customers and potential customers.


Web content forms will now have an option for radio and checkbox form fields to be mapped to a subscription list (in addition to or instead of a field on the lead/contact record). If you have a field on your form enabling people to opt into your newsletter, for example, you can create a subscription preference for that list automatically by mapping it.

Import Tool Update

The existing import tool will now allow you to add subscription preferences. This will allow you to easily add preferences from previous marketing apps, or preferences you obtained in any way other than a ClickDimensions form or subscription page. Download the import template and add the information for subscription list, preference and a new field called Method of Submission.

Creating Preferences Yourself

The preferences will need to be created through one of three ways. Two are described above (form and import tool), and the other is through a subscription page. Creating a subscription preference record manually, via a workflow, plugin or any other method will not update the preferences correctly. The three approved ways will update the preferences in ClickDimensions’ Azure. They are held in Azure for performance reasons so that when sending the emails or text messages, ClickDimensions does not perform queries that would burden your CRM environment and slow down the sending process.


The GDPR requires several pieces of documentation of opt-ins and opt-outs. We have added several items to help you more easily comply with these parts of the law.

Posted Subscription Updates

Within the posted subscription, there will be a new field called Method of Submission. This field will be automatically filled if the preference was created via a ClickDimensions subscription page or form. If you use the import tool, you will have the ability to enter how you received their opt-in.

A section called Auditing will be added to the posted subscription entity which will hold the view of exactly what the subscription page looked like at the time that the end user filled it out. This enables you to show exactly what the person agreed to at the time.

Subscription Builder Updates

There is an option to add a checkbox to the subscription builder where you can have the end user agree to any terms and conditions or privacy policies. If you add this to the subscription designer, this field will be required and they will have to check the box to submit the subscription.

You will now have an option to add a Phone Number field for gathering subscription preferences for mobile. As well as an option for unsubscribing from all SMS.


What will happen with my existing campaign automation emails, auto responder emails and workflow emails that go out immediately? Will they stop working?

No, before you update each of these to be either transactional or subscription list based, ClickDimensions will continue to send them the old way. This ensures that none of your marketing efforts will stop working when you make the switch.

What do I need to do before switching?

Just make sure that all contacts on a marketing list connected to a subscription list should be considered opted-in to that subscription list (unless they have an unsubscribe for it).

What do I need to do after switching?

Update campaign automation send email steps, auto responder emails, workflow emails and quick send email templates to be transactional or associated to a subscription list. Update your web forms that have any fields for the end user to opt-in/out of a subscription list.