It’s time again for some more updates to ClickDimensions! We recently released some of the below items to our US data center, and these updates will be rolling out to all regions in the next month or so.

For complete release notes on what has already been uploaded to the US data center, please see here.

Map to Lookup Fields

Currently on the US data center.

You will have the ability to map form fields used in your ClickDimensions web forms to CRM lookup fields. This includes out-of-the-box lookup fields as well as custom lookup fields. You will need to create a text-type form field and select the lookup field you would like to map to from the mappings drop-down menu. For example, if you have a field on your form for company name, it can automatically find the account in CRM and set that as the company name for that contact record.

You can learn more about this update in this help article.

Email Statistics: Click Report Tab

Currently on the US data center. Available for CRM 2011+ only.

On a sent email send, click on the Email Statistics button in the ribbon and you will now see a new tab called Click Report. This will show you all the links in the email that were clicked and the number of clicks for each link. If you click on one of the links, it will show you who clicked on that link and how many times. Learn more in this help article.

Dynamics 365 On Premise Compatibility

With our newest update, ClickDimensions will be compatible with Dynamics 365 on premise environments.

Scoring Updates and Social Posting to Facebook

We are working hard to bring you much anticipated updates to the scoring feature as well as social posting. We plan to update both of these in stages. Social posting will start with being able to post immediately or schedule a post for later to a Facebook page. Scoring will first allow you to score on more actions like posted surveys and event participation records. We will be writing more on these features as we get closer to their release!

Along with these features, we will have additional improvements and fixes. Look out for the release notes and updates! Sign up here if you would like to receive email notifications of updates.