We put a lot of effort into our monthly Microsoft CRM Marketing newsletter. We want it to be the definitive source of information for marketers who use Microsoft CRM. In fact, we never miss an opportunity to add subscribers so please, sign up here http://www.clickdimensions.com/newsletter/ if you are not already receiving it.

To analyze how the newsletter is being received we look at a number of variables. Clicks, opens, unique opens and newsletter sign-ups are obvious measures. However, the number of visits the newsletter generates in the three day period starting with the day it is sent is equally important to us. We call this the three day visit total. We want to know that our newsletter is generating traffic back to our site and, since we are a global provider, we need to look at visits for at least three days to get a clear picture of the impact of the newsletter. Since Google analytics allows you to easily make annotations on your web tracking you can use this as a way to mark when you sent your newsletter so you won’t forget.

We like to contrast the three day visit total to the number of subscribers (i.e. the number of people on our newsletter list). Below we have provided this data in abstract format with our first month starting at a basis of 100. We can see that over this time period our list has increased fivefold but our three day visit total has increased nearly 14 fold.

Graphing this data shows us a trend. As our list grows each month the visit total grows proportionately larger. This tells us our content is working and the newsletter is driving more and more traffic to the site each month. Our conclusion is to find ways to sign up more subscribers since our data shows that the newsletter is doing an increasingly effective job at bringing traffic to our site.