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One Recipient Has How Many Clicks at The Same Time?

Many ClickDimensions customers like to track how their email recipients interact with their messages, such as how many times they open an email, which links they click and how many times they click on each link. By pulling this information together, it can help determine how interested contacts or leads are in your company and, potentially, where you should focus your efforts.

It can be frustrating to see skewed data with a recipient (or many) that have 10, 20 or more clicks at the same time. What causes this to happen? Have you been attacked by a spam bot? No, but it does involve spam and the fight for legitimate emails to reach intended recipients versus spam emails that should not reach their recipients.

Before an email reaches a contact’s or lead’s inbox, it must go through the email send process. When your email send finishes processing, the ClickDimensions application hands the data needed for the individual email messages to our email servers (also called Message Transfer Agents or MTAs). The job of the MTA is to submit the email messages to the recipients’ email servers. What usually happens is the MTA receives an immediate response from your recipient’s email server.

Sometimes, however, the recipient’s email server may not be able to accept messages immediately as it might be busy, or it might only accept a certain number of messages at a time. Only accepting a certain number of messages at a time is called rate limiting and varies by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). When this happens, the ClickDimensions MTA will try again a few minutes later and will retry until successful for up to 24 hours.

When our Message Transfer Agent hands the email off to the recipient’s mail server, we get a response back saying whether the recipient’s email server accepts the message or rejects it. If it accepts it, we create a delivery email event. A delivery email event is recorded when ClickDimensions receives an acknowledgement from an ISP or mail server that they have accepted an email message that has been sent to one of its recipients. An open is counted when the recipient has downloaded the images in the email. This is the only way ClickDimensions can determine whether the email has been opened by the recipient.

Before the email reaches the intended recipient, it must pass through firewalls, virus protection and spam filters. If a spam filter is set up with aggressive measures in place, it may test all aspects of the email in trying to reach the recipient. Within your email statistics, you will notice an individual recipient or multiple recipients from that domain will have numerous clicks at the same time.

A spam filter will check each iteration of the email’s link, character by character. For example, if the link was clickdimensions.com/test, the spam filter would check for:

  • clickdimensions.com/t
  • clickdimensions.com/te
  • clickdimensions.com/tes
  • clickdimensions.com/test

To get more accurate stats, in the email send’s statistics graphs, you can view the unique clicks and unique opens for each email send. For more information, see this help article.

You can also use an advanced find, where you can see the number of unique opens and unique clicks for your emails.

  • Search for Sent Emails > Subject > Equals > [Your Subject].
  • Search for Email Events > Type > Equals > Clicks, Opens.
  • Add Columns for Email Sends > Unique Clicks and Unique Opens.


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add columns for email send

If you would like to view more than one email send or campaign, you can add unique clicks and unique opens to the columns for your email send entity’s view. If you would like to see more than one email send for a specific campaign, create a sub-grid on the CRM campaign form that displays this information. You would then need to export this data to Excel to assess the totals for each campaign.

Please note if you are unfamiliar with CRM customizations, advanced finds and dashboards, we ask that you reach out to a CRM partner or other CRM resource. ClickDimensions support does not offer support for these native CRM functions.

Happy Marketing!

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Chemierra Stovall is a ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager.

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