In the ClickDimensions 8.4 release, we added the capability to include FreeMarker interpolations in the Reply To field of the email send record. This is a handy feature that allows you to direct replies to your email to different people. This can be especially useful when you want to direct customer replies to your emails to the CRM user within your organization who owns the contact’s record, for example.

Remember, the Reply To Email Address field will be set to receive replies personally from the recipient (not automated or out of office replies; these are still directed to the original From Email field on the email send record).

For this example, the interpolation I am using is: ${Recipient.systemuser.internalemailaddress[0]!””}.

This will reference the email address on the user’s record who owns the email recipient’s record. This way, the reply from the recipient is personally directed to an individual they are likely to recognize. In this example, my contact record in CRM is owned by Allison.

If we include the interpolation ${Recipient.systemuser.internalemailaddress[0]!””} in the Reply To Email Address field on an email send that my contact record is set to receive (either a bulk email send or a single send email), if I reply to the email, my reply will be sent to Allison.

Below is the email that I received. You can see my reply at the top, and that the reply is addressed to Allison:

This is a great little feature to add just a bit more personalization to your emails, and can be especially helpful in getting customer replies to the correct person!

Happy Marketing!