Have you ever wanted to dynamically update the Source Campaign field on a lead record and had difficulty doing so? Well, you’re in luck! This blog post will walk you through the steps needed to populate that field, quickly and easily.

Notice that the Source Campaign field is a lookup field. The Lead Source field, on the other hand, is an option set that is generally used for tracking categories like advertising. The Source Campaign is generally used for tracking the results of a specific asset that you are making, such as a specific advertisement, event or web page. For example, there are different kinds of online ads people may want to track such as Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn. Many companies track the Source Campaign through manual updates to lead records; however, in this article, we will go over how you can use a CRM business rule to dynamically populate the campaign information from a form submission into the Source Campaign field.

To continue with our example, we will track the different kinds of online ads people may want to monitor. First, make sure that you create a ClickDimensions form with a hidden field.

In the form designer, access the form field’s properties, and open the Mapping tab. You will see the option to map the field to either a text field or a picklist field. Select Picklist and map the hidden field to Lead Source. (For more details on how to accomplish this click here.)

Next, you will have to create the CRM business rule. Before you create the business rule, you need to have the privileges necessary to customize the system and implement the logic. (For more information on business rules, please refer to Microsoft’s documentation here.) To add a business rule, navigate to the entity (lead) to which you would like to apply the rule and open the form editor.

Select Business Rules and click the New Business Rule button, as you normally would to create a business rule.

Set your condition and under Action select Set Field Value. When you select Set Field Value, you will be able select the field, type and value to be input under the Action section.

You can also build out options for the other Lead Source values and corresponding Source Campaigns. In this example, we are setting corresponding values for LinkedIn and Google AdWords. Make sure to save and activate your business rule.

Now, thanks to the business rule, the Source Campaign field will be dynamically updated any time a lead source is updated by a form submission.


Happy Marketing!