MailtoIf you would like to define the structure of an email sent to you by a recipient who clicks a mailto link, you can accomplish this by having the subject and body pre-fill with text of your choice. This can also be used to let your customers know what information you need them to reply with.

Please note this can only be done in the HTML of an email, so you will need to be using an HTML block in either the block editor, the custom HTML editor, or the freestyle editor. For this example, we will be using the freestyle editor. Also, please note that because this post covers custom coding, ClickDimensions support cannot provide assistance with this scenario.

1. Use the hyperlink manager to insert the mailto link as normal.


2. Click “source” to access the HTML, and then hold ctrl+f to find the mailto link.


3. Add the parameters to the mailto link so the recipient’s email client can use them to pre-fill the email.

Parameters are snippets of information found in the query string of a URL. Parameters can be used to pass dynamic information to a webpage or application to be used for various reasons such as pre-filling fields, tracking clicks in an email, or linking a URL to a campaign.

Here is an example of the parameters you will be adding onto the mailto link:

Listed below are the parameters broken down step-by-step:

  1. (you are adding a “?” here to designate the beginning of the query string)
  2. (note the ampersand at the end; this allows the addition of another field, in this case the subject)
  3. subject=RSVP%20or%20New%20Year’s%20Eve%20Party%20& (note the “%20” – this designates a space between the words – and the ampersand at the end)
  4. body=Hi%20Bob,%0d%0dI%20would%20like%20to%20RSVP%20to%20your%20party%20invitation. %20Here%20are%20my%20details:%0d%0dName:%20Eryka%20Adams%0dNumber%20of%20Guest:%0d (note the %0d; this designates a line break)

*Tip: copy “%20” then use ctrl + v to paste while typing.


4. Once you make changes in the HTML, click save.

Finally, send the email and when the recipient clicks on the mailto link, their email will auto-populate and look like this:


Please note, the recipient can still change the content if they would like. This was tested using Outlook and Gmail, but feel free to test other email clients before sending.

Happy Marketing!