The team over at Data8 has been doing some very cool work recently with predictive address completion and data validation in ClickDimensions forms. In the video below, you can see several things at work:

  1. Predictive address completion: Start typing an address and it will begin to show you possible matches. When you see your address, just click it, and the form will be filled in automatically!
  2. Prevent junk data: The form will check against an extensive list of fake and junk names and prevent you from submitting them – a big help in improving your data quality.
  3. Email validation: Data8’s service allows you to set how extensive you want to be in checking email addresses before allowing them to be submitted. You can check just that it is a valid format for an email address, check if it is a real domain or even check if the whole address is valid.
  4. Phone number validation: Similar to the junk names checking, this service will help prevent fake phone numbers from being entered.

Making this work is super quick and requires just a little know-how. First, sign up with Data8 for an account ( They provide many affordable options depending on your anticipated usage volume. They can then provide you with the simple JavaScript and your API key. Paste that JavaScript in the code editor of your ClickDimensions form designer, make a few edits to specify the field names you want to work with and you are good to go.

Learn more in this video:

(The form in the video also shows an example of using custom CSS to style your ClickDimensions forms. You can learn more about that here.)

You can read more about our partnership with Data8 here.