When a customer encounters a problem with the ClickDimensions solution and they can’t resolve it on their own, they are encouraged to open a support ticket with our customer team to remedy the issue as quickly as possible. How long this process takes depends on a number of factors, so in this blog post, I wanted to highlight some pro tips that will dramatically decrease the time spent troubleshooting when opening a new ticket. These are small pieces of information that ClickDimensions customer team members always ask for when resolving a support ticket. Not including this information at the start of creating a ticket can make a big difference in the time it takes to resolve an issue.

  • If you are having an issue with an email template or an email send, always include a link to your email template designer. Nearly all issues that fall under these two areas start at the email template. If you open a support ticket and do not include this URL, the ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager working the case will always reply to the support ticket with an email asking for this URL. Troubleshooting cannot begin without this information, so always include this so we can begin resolving the issue immediately.

    To find your email template designer URL, open the email template record and select Full Screen (Note: You can also access the email template designer URL from the email send record, but the URL should always be taken from the email template record unless otherwise specified). This will open the editor in a new window, which contains a new URL.

    Support ticket 1

    This rule also applies to web content in ClickDimensions (forms, surveys, subscription management pages and landing pages) since these records are also created using designers. Similar to email template designers, web content designer URLs will always be requested upon receiving a support ticket regarding web content errors.

    If you are unable to copy the URL from the address bar of the designer window, press CTRL+N to open a new instance of the window with the address bar that can be copied.

  • If you open a ticket regarding why an email had a soft bounce or render error, send a screenshot of the email event description. Soft bounce and render error causes vary drastically, ranging from IP blacklisting to incorrect FreeMarker in your HTML. When you send a support ticket regarding either of these two issues, sending this information along with your request helps us get to the root of the problem. This description saves a lot of valuable time by eliminating a flurry of email exchanges about the error or soft bounce and allows for immediate troubleshooting. You can find this description by opening the email events view, and opening the email event record in question.

Support ticket 2

Additionally, if you ever come across an error in your CRM environment, be it an email send error or otherwise, you should ALWAYS include a screenshot of that error when opening a support ticket with ClickDimensions.

  • If you are sending an unblock request, include the CRM environment URL where the blocked leads or contacts are found. Additionally, it would be advantageous to send your account key (which can be found by navigating to “Settings > ClickDimensions Settings”). This is for identification purposes, as it is not uncommon for ClickDimensions customers to have more than one CRM environment, and is especially important for ClickDimensions partners to include when they are submitting a request on behalf of a customer.

    Support ticket 3

If you make it a point to always send this information when you open a support ticket with ClickDimensions, we can get right down to business resolving the issue.

Happy Marketing!